Student Welfare

Student welfare at Hello! Exmouth

As a school for young learners, we have worked hard to build a safe and friendly environment for students. Our company ethos promotes caring as one of its top values - whether a student is feeling homesick or is being bullied, a staff member is always around to help!

Overview of our systems for the Care of Under 18’s

  • 24 hour emergency phone

  • Dedicated safeguarding team

  • All students receive a Student Guide (document with map, space for accommodation details and 24 hour number on)

  • All hosts drop students to school meeting point on first day and ensure students see route to and from school

  • Welcome talk on first day from school team

  • Clear "meet the team" and information board in main entrance so students can see team members/who to go to if a problem and where places of worship are in Exmouth

  • Classroom rules contract in first lesson to promote safety and well-being of all students

  • Orientation includes "get home safe" session to ensure all students have host contact details and accommodation marked in student guide

  • Comprehensive training for bus trips - activity leader goes on bus for first journey home,  bus cards with clear stops on and video clips of journeys to show students bus stops visually (available to download on phone)

  • Mid week "smiley face" feedback (to ensure everyone is happy and fix any problems)

  • Team member appointed to check in with any individual students who do not have a group leader

Please see here our statement of commitment for further details of our welfare procedures + supervision levels.