Junior Courses

Hello! Exmouth has been organising a range of courses for juniors for over 30 years and we always aim to ensure all of our international students create amazing memories whilst with us.

The thousands of students we welcome to England each year come over as part of a school visit or sign up as an individual as part of a group or even travel alone. For all courses, students stay in full board homestay accommodation with our wonderful community of local hosts. For more information, please click here.

Our standard quality programme

  • Classes are small- a maximum of 17 students per class

  • General course = 15 lessons (of 60 minutes) per week of classroom work. focusing on conversation, and using English in relevant situations (for example in your homestay, or in shops in the town)

  • Every student receives a certificate at the end of the course, which includes links to recommended continued learning sites

  • Students participate in a range of engaging activities (e.g beach games, cream tea afternoons and visits to places of historical interest)

  • Student welfare is always our priority and Hello! Exmouth is accredited by the British Council, so have guidelines for care of under 18’s

  • All homestay providers are subject to our thorough criteria. They are visited regularly/ have access to online forums to ensure they’re up to date with expectations and engage with our host community

  • 24 hours emergency phone number available for students and homestay families

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Year round group courses with lessons, activities and homestay accommodation. Flexible arrival dates and tailor made programme.

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July + August for groups and individuals. Multinational classes and activities, exciting programmes from classic to sports themed and a brilliant location to spend summer!


For group/ individual students 16+ looking to gain experience in the workplace. Can be combined with lessons and count toward ASL/PCTO records.

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Themed ministay for groups aged 14+ who wish to try business English for teens and go behind the scenes of local companies and meet the managers. Can also count toward ASL/PCTO records.